Friday EV Watch

As automobiles go there isn’t much you can say negative about the IONIQ 5 as it is really a complete SUV and a great EV.

Friday EV Watch
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Car & Driver Picks The IONIQ 5 as EV of The Year

Car & Driver has selected the Hyundai IONIQ 5 as their EV of the Year reports CNN Business.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-To me this is the right call, and it had to go this way, though my preference would have been the sister model from KIA, the EV 6. But as automobiles go there isn’t much you can say negative about the IONIQ 5 as it is really a complete SUV and a great EV. The one drawback, which I think will evolve overtime is simply range. But if this is just your local driver, or daily driver as many refer to your everyday vehicle, this is certainly a great vehicle to be chosen as EV of the YEAR.

Is The Ford Mustang In Danger of Extinction?

It’s not the end of the line for the Ford Mustang, or maybe it is. AutoWeek reports that the era is likely ending for the ICE version by the end of the decade, as Ford goes forward with Ford-E.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Yes, the era is ending. But it’s not just for Ford’s Mustang, which has been around since 1965, but for other iconic “Detroit” muscle cars too, like the Dodge Charger and Challenger, two perennial hot rod mod cars that have set the tone for years dating back to the glory days of big iron coming out of Detroit’s Big Three (Ford, Chrysler and GM.) For Ford moving in the E direction is their future and their salvation.

The Nimbus Three Wheel EV

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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-SMART has been the frontrunner for years in the “city car” market, and while others like FIAT with the 500 have attempted to be cool with design and style, and while SMART is bringing back the Brabus reportedly, it’s great to see that the one person, Jetson style cockpit concept is alive and well with Nimbus. Far safer than a motorcycle or scooter, and complete with airbags and other safety features, this looks like an ideal commuter vehicle.

Ford Has A Better Idea

Ford is in the middle of revealing new ideas, some that may see the light of day and others that are best left on the drawing boards. Fast Company has a story on what Ford is thinking of doing with the Lincoln line when it comes to EVs.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-It’s nice if you want something so long it won’t fit in your garage but will turn heads as you drive along the boulevards of the world.

Rivian Drops Low End Models

In what has to be seen as consolidated and focusing, USA based Rivian has decided to cancel out their low end SUV and Pickup. according to the Wall Street Journal.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-It’s all about focus, and profitability. Demand is high for what they have to offer. There’s only so much of parts to go around. Why focus on lower priced models when the high premium market is ready for something better. It also allows Rivian to figure what to do next in order to meet market demand.

There’s Money in Buzz

The Volkswagen ID Buzz Van is hot and it looks like VW is going to sell all 10,000 they’re making, according to Electrek.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-The Volkswagen Vanagon and Camper Van were icons of the 60s and early 70s. If anything was a flagship for the hippie era, it was the Camper van. Now with the ID Buzz Volkswagen is bringing back a bit of nostalgia, while also reimagining the idea of the mini-van. By producing only 10,000 there’s also a bit of collectibility being exercised as some car collectors will just want to have one for nostalgic purposes.
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