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TESLA is starting a program where Powerwall owners can contribute their power back to the grid

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Power From the People

In Southern California, where contributing power to the grid is legal, unlike in the Sunshine State of Florida, TESLA is starting a program where Powerwall owners can contribute their power back to the grid, reports InsideEevs.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-TESLA continues to be an eco-system of their own. They piloted the sell back program in Australia and now brought it to the USA in eco-savvy California, a state that needs all the power it can get. By offering a resell model TESLA further provides value to their owners. And since a Powerwall in theory can charge any EV with the proper adapter, this could open up all types of possibilities for other EV brand owners.

Seattle To See Curbside Charging

There’s a lot of interest in seeing electric vehicle chargers to come to long established neighborhoods in Seattle, according to the Seattle Times.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-We’re going to see more of these types of initiatives in all the major metropolitan areas in the USA as the Biden stimulus program to go from fossil fuels to alternative solutions. By having the programs run by utilities the key issues like rights of way are avoided, and EV charging won’t suffer the same fate as broadband programs have seen, where those who have established rights of way and pole access drag their feet to prevent advancing technology access.

Faster and Even Faster Charging

The Washington Post is reporting on faster charging technology that could reduce charging times of some EVs to ten minutes.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Faster, better, cheaper. It’s all just around the corner. With so many bright, young and environmentally conscious engineers coming out of schools like MIT and elsewhere we’re going to see rapid advancements in what’s possible. Now getting this technology deployed. Well, that’s another story.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

In China, the heatwave is causing havoc for EVs, reports the MIT Review.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-With the public charging points shut down those without home chargers are finding it difficult to keep their EVs powered. This poses a problem, much like ice rinks that can’t keep ice in the hot weather, if they’re not deemed “ice manufacturing plants” which can keep operating. With the advent of widespread EV adoption will come a whole new set of rules, regulations and laws. We are not even scratching the surface of how so much needs to change.

EV Car Share Program Coming

In San Joaquin California, the local Council of Governments and Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin is giving residents of Conway Homes opportunity to sign up to test a low-cost car-share program piloted by the Stockton Mobility Collective with Míocar, reports The Record.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Carshare programs like ZIPCAR have been around for a few years, and new rental car companies like EV only rental car company, UFO Drive are creating unique opportunities for locals to experience an EV on a temporary basis. Miocar is doing something similar and this test, like ENSO’s test of tires for EVs on London electric powered black cabs are showing us that innovation, imagination and insightful thinking are well alive surrounding the EV eco-system.
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