Friday EVwatch

EVs are hot because the price of gas is still so high that people are just fed up. The other reason is a growing concern about the environment has hit a tipping point.

Friday EVwatch
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EV Car Sales Are Hot in the USA

The New York Times has a very long read about the pace of sales of EVs in the USA. Saying “A scarcity of semiconductors and raw materials held back production, but buyers remain enthusiastic.”
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My Take-EVs are hot because the price of gas is still so high that people are just fed up. The other reason is a growing concern about the environment has hit a tipping point. Lastly, there’s just a growing approach and understanding that EVs are a better option. All you need to do is see the stats. Marketwatch reports that 1 in four Americans want an electric vehicle.

Hyundai N Series To Go EV

Hyundai clearly has aspirations to be the Audi or BMW of Asia while also rivaling Tesla and Lucid with the news in TechCrunch and Car Magazine that they are going to electrify the N series.
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MY TAKE-These are limited edition cars that may never become available on the mass market. They are designed to show off what Hyundai can do with their design and performance. The N series is also established to position the automaker as a true premium brand and not perceived as simply manufacturing economy priced cars.

VinFast Opens 6 Retail Locations in California

Vietnamese auto manufacturer VinFast did a six store simultaneous opening in California yesterday reports Electrek. The flagship store is in Santa Monica, CA with stores opening across the state.
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MY TAKE-VinFast is all about generating attention through the events and public relations effort. They do a very good job at setting up their activities and working with the media to amplify their efforts. Executing a six city retail location event requires a lot of planning. Getting the locations ready, also takes time. Bravo.

Mini Electric Convertible Teases Buyers

A drop-top Mini is being teased as both Car and Driver and Motor 1. While no release date has been announced, the hand built prototype is being touted as being production ready.
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MY TAKE-It’s a sexy looking convertible that will be a darling amongst the younger car buying market, especially in warm weather markets. While it doesn’t have long range, as a get around town car it’s got all the earmarks of a fun to drive, see and be seen car that should generate lots of interest.

Yanko Design On the IONIQ 6

A stunning debut for Hyundai and their IONIQ 6 and Yanko Design has full coverage on why the IONIQ 6 is great for content creators.
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MY TAKE-Hyundai has set out to reach the influencers and they did it. The video makes it so appealing and shows off so many ways people can enjoy the IONIQ 6 in very personal ways. It’s brilliant strategy and one worth noting if you have a marketing or communications bent. In many ways we are watching HYUNDAI develop their own MBA class case study on how to build a brand. It’s quite exciting to watch all of this unfold.

Google Maps for Electric Cars

Google is striving to be eco-friendly with Google Maps as it has just added “electric” as a category when it comes to finding the most efficient route, reports Android Police.
There are some very interesting aspects to what Google is doing:
“According to the teardown, Google will let you choose which type of car you are currently driving, and Maps will adjust how it calculates routing to "save you the most fuel or energy." You'll be able to change this option later if you get a new car, according to the teardown, and you also don't have to supply that information at all if you'd rather not.”
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MY TAKE-Ever since Google acquired Waze, their approach to maps has always been forward thinking. While of course things don’t happen as fast as Waze was able to innovate as an independent company.
That all said, what Google is doing is a major step to help drivers not only get driving directions, but also know where they have to drive to get the most out of a charge and where to charge up their EV. While it may be accused of Greenwashing, I tend to disagree, as Google is really about being more things to more people, so they can collect more data.

Pilot and Flying J Truck Stops Add EV Charging

GearJunkie is reporting that both Pilot and Flying J Truck Stops are adding EV charging in partnership with General Motors.
Get ready for a whole lot more electric vehicle charging while you’re on the road. GM and Pilot are planning to add 2,000 stalls at up to 500 truck stops across America. They’ll be open to all, but with special deals for customers driving GM vehicles.”
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MY TAKE-Smart move by GM to align with two of the larger truck stop operators in the USA. One of the reasons this is significant is the current interstate highway system has a regulation that prevents the installation of any charging devices in the already existing rest stops that are on interstate highways.
The issue is a thorny one. NATSO, formerly known as National Association of Truck Stop Operators, opposed Congress carving out an exception to the commercial-activity ban and allowing EV charging infrastructure.”
This creates a captive market for the truck stop operators who then get a subsidy from GM to power up their brands, and the travelers use the truck stop for food, rest stops and more. Over time the regulations will change, but people will still go to the truck stops, just as I did on a few cross country jaunts, as they offer pretty much everything the on the road traveler needs.
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