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California is leading the EV charging race, and New York City is last

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California Leads EV Charging Race

California is leading the EV charging race, and New York City is last, according to a report in Green Car Reports.
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MY TAKE-I’m not surprised. The concept of “follow the money” is being applied by the charging companies like Electrify America and others. Putting the charging points where the cars are makes total sense. This also means, as the article points out that there will be more home charges where the EVs are. It’s just too logical.

TESLA Going Formula One

TESLA is taking a page out of the Formula One team handbook when it comes to pit stops and how they plan to service their customers’ vehicles according to Electrek.
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MY TAKE-This is one more step for TESLA to improve and not outsource so much service. As more TESLAs hit the highways and streets, there’s going to be a great demand for service locally. By ramping up and internalizing more of its own service TESLA keeps a more concentrated control over parts, people and their customers.

Rivian To Expand What It Builds

Rivian’s CEO told Reuters that there are plans to diversify what it’s building, as it expands to multiple platforms as told in more detail in AutoBlog.
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MY TAKE-Being diversified has benefits, but too many platforms are potential recipes for disaster. Lack of common tooling, parts, size and more all creates more challenges than solutions.
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