Everyone involved in electric vehicles needs to be looking at things from a different perspective. We now have computers on wheels. We no longer have cars with computers.

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UK EV Owners Are Grumbling

EV charging remains one of the biggest gripes globally and SkyNews in the UK is reporting how unhappy owners of EVs are there.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Let’s face it, EV ownership means being a pioneer of sorts. Finding a charging station that works, where there isn’t a line and is compatible with your vehicle is just one of the hurdles. Next is payment systems. EV owners are early adopters and heavy users of Apple and Samsung devices, so it’s only logical that they want to do more on their smartphone to find a charging station and pay for the boost.

The Night time Charging Paradox

The Washinton Post has a story that brings to light the oncoming challenge of night time charging. More insight is coming from StudyFinds.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Work at home types could charge by day, drive by night and save money. Power companies need to start to offer “smart” charging programs that fit people’s lifestyles. For example, being able to pay an agreed upon rate wherever I charge up, be it at home or work or at a charge point where people go shopping. Discount time of day charging when producing power is more available. Working with “Net-Zero” type home builders who are creating excess power and have nowhere to unload the excess. By having our utility infrastructure players in power rethink how they deliver the “juice” the easier, and cheaper, it can be to own and operate an electric vehicle..

Oops. Tesla Needs To Recall Your Car

We learn from the BBC that Tesla is going to have to recall about a million cars.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-The car industry for EV’s is different than the ICE era. In the ICE era parts were often required to replace something that needed to be recalled. In the EV era, we have computers on wheels. I don’t know the last time my Mac Book was “recalled” yet I can easily remember the last time I’ve updated the OS on it, or on my iPhone or Android. Musk is right in saying it’s just a software update, as the computer is what controls the car now. You can hear my thoughts here on VoiceLine.
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