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With Hyundai, Kia and Vinfast arrival on USA shores, Audi may soon be finding they’re in the rear mirrors of those brands.

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Audi Takes Aim at Tesla

AutoWeek highlights Audi’s claims that it’s now squarely rivaling TESLA in the USA.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Audi is taking a page out of car rental perennial challenger AVIS, using the “we try harder” and “look what we’ve done so far.” When you look at it, no other ICE brand has really tried to take on TESLA simply because they don’t yet have the kind of traction AUDI has gotten. It’s simply a numbers game, and AUDI is playing that card right now. With Hyundai, Kia and Vinfast arrival on USA shores, Audi may soon be finding they’re in the rear mirrors of those brands.

Say Hello To The Three Minute Full Charge

The Brighter Side has a report on a new, three minute full charge that will be possible with quantum technology at the core.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Quantum physics is like StarTrek in the late 60s. All about the possibilities but as the article indicates, while theoretically possible, things are still in their “infancy.” Will the day come of the three minute full charge? Yes. Is it just around the corner. No.

Charge Your Tesla Anywhere for $250

ELECTREK is telling us that TESLA is getting around to release their EV charger adapter that owners will want to keep in the trunk (or frunk) to be sure they can charge up at non-TESLA charging locations.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Application of standards in any industry is key to broadscale adoption. In order for TESLA to open up its’ own supercharger network to owners and drivers of other brands, there needs to be a quid pro quo. In TESLA’s case that means saying to its’ owners here’s the way you can charge on non-TESLA chargers.

Low Cost EV Coming to UK

NationalWorld tells us that French car maker, Citroen, is marketing an urban mobility type car that will sell for 19.99 pounds a month in the UK. It gets 46 miles on a charge and has a top speed of 28 mph.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-If you’ve ever driven around the villages of Europe or to and from the British countryside, you’ll see lots of small “SMART cars “ and others like them on the roads. As a local driver type of vehicle, the AMI, is a neat idea that gives people who would have bought a scooter or something like it, an alternative. For under 8000 pounds it’s something as a second “get around” type car that’s worth considering.
SHORT TAKES-ZD Net’s Innovation reporter becomes a convert to electric vehicles after attending an EV conference…..Electrek details Volkswagen’s plans to use EV’s as power suppliers to the electrical grid….CNN has an editorial from the IEA about how the electric vehicle manufacturers are transforming the automobile industry and why that’s a good thing for climate change….CNCB tells us that with the rise of the EV, the convertible may be going the way of the dinosaur as sales of rag-top vehicles are seeing a global decline….TESLA has a reputation problem reports CarBuzz….It looks like Chinese EV maker, Nio, is getting ready to enter the European market.
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