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There needs to be a very well thought out Alternative Energy Plan for the nation, much like our interstate highway system was established.

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More Mines Needed For EV Power

The CBC says more mines in Canada are needed to meet the growing demand for the raw materials that go into manufacturing electric vehicle batteries.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-For years mining has been on the decline, largely due to the move away from fossil fuels like coal. Now with the need for battery power, mining is returning to locations that saw economic downturns.

The California Charging Conundrum

The Wall Street Journal reports on the EV charging conundrum in California, the state with the most EVs sold and in use in the USA saying drivers are part of the solution.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-Some call it the “train crash” scenario, and others will call it the perfect storm. Some may read the article a FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) while I see it as problem bigger than just in California. By mandating a year, like 2035, as the time where banning the sale of new gas powered cars is a good idea, it’s likely that over time that year may change and be pushed back. Why? If the national electric grid isn’t approached with a clear view of how the move to electrification will be deployed we will see power outages, time of day restrictions, rotating charging days- just like watering days in near drought markets. Why? The move to clear power-turning off nuclear reactors, going with more solar power, creating “Net Zero” communities can’t happen fast enough. But to replace nuclear and fossil fuel with enough stored energy to power work places, trucks, buses and more is not something that happens in 12-13 years. There needs to be a very well thought out Alternative Energy P

UK EV Charging Costs Almost the Same as Petrol

A report from the BBC in the UK based upon a RAC (Royal Auto Club) report shows that costs for EV charging is almost on par with petrol when charging on a pay-as-you-go basis at a publicly accessible rapid charger had increased by 42% since May to an average of 63.29p per kWh. Costs to charge at home are still lower, but often slower.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-If the cost to produce electric power does not subside then the sole benefit to EV ownership becomes an environmental cause, not an financial cost savings. This underscores the need for national, if not international approaches to electrification and alternative fuel production and generation.

Vermont Want to Be More Green

The Green Mountain state in the USA, Vermont, is taking steps to help make the state more green by offering to provide $3,000 of incentive money to get 10 year old or older vehicles off the road reports VT Digger.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-More states need to work in this direction as the offers don’t limit where an EV that gets purchased is manufactured. The combination of “get old cars off the road” plus funding from utilities all begin to help lower the purchase price of EVs. It’s the best way forward and other states need to jump in.

China is EV Now, Not Tomorrow

The New York Times writes how in China the EV revolution is already here.
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THE ANDY ANALYSIS-China is well ahead of the ROW when it comes to EVs. Price points are lower and charging is more plentiful. This is what can happen in a state run country where a single purpose can be achieved. It should not be hard to do this in democratic countries unless those in charge have ulterior motives.
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