Sunday EVwatch

British car enthusiasts will always remember the badge of MG, one the companies iconic brands that’s up there with Rover, Triumph and few others. Well the legendary brand is coming back.

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Museum Hosts Electric Vehicle Show-In the hamlet of Boyertown Pennsylvania, not far from Reading, is a museum dedicated to the history of electric vehicles. They’re hosting their second annual electric vehicle show reports the Reading Eagle. The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, a museum that is dedicated to preserving and displaying examples of Pennsylvania’s road transportation history in the former factory buildings of the Boyertown Auto Body Works.
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My Take-I grew up in the Philadelphia area and as a kid my dad would take me to local museums, often The Franklin Institute or The Philadelphia Art Museum. Occasionally we would venture up to NYC to the Whitney for modern art or down to Washington D.C. to the Smithsonian, but my love of cars as a kid would have clearly taken me to Boyertown as it’s a short 35 minute drive from Philadelphia’s western suburbs. The idea of preserving history in a state that had a long run in the car industry from the early days of motorized carriages is very cool. If you’re into cars and history, it sounds like a fun day trip and one I’d love to make one day with my own son once he gets bitten by the car bug like I did as a boy.
The MG is Baaaaack - British car enthusiasts will always remember the badge of MG, one the companies iconic brands that’s up there with Rover, Triumph and few others. Well the legendary brand is coming back.
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My Take-The brand is now owned by a Chinese car builder. It’s a classic example of a company finding a name that has a cachet, as MG had, and bringing it back to life. Unfortunately my memories of the MG-B roadsters are how I want to remember the brand.
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Alfa Romeo Toying With EVs-Legendary Italian car brand Alfa Romeo is rumoured to be rolling out an electric vehicle in 2027, according to Inside EEVs.
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My Take - This is an example of turning an ICE (internal combustion engine) car into an EV. Why? It’s far cheaper as the production line, parts and tooling doesn’t have to be started from scratch. it’s also a way for a company to transition without shaking up their own status quo.
Crowdfunding Your Next Car-Electric Brands, a crowdfunded German EV company has a cool concept in their Camper and Electrek has the details.
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My Take-First it’s a concept, not a planned release. Second it’s crowdfunded, so while they are releasing pricing details and specs, there’s no real assurance the Camper gets manufactured.
TESLA to Open SuperChargers to Non-TESLAs-According to MotorAuthority The White House in Washington DC has said that TESLA will make its’ SuperCharger network open to other brands of electric vehicles.
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My Take-Details like so much from TESLA at the start of any initiative are thin. Pricing. Plug details would indicate that TESLA will incorporate a standard plug to charge the non TESLA cars and SUVs. This is really a way for TESLA, which has the largest network of charging stations in the USA to grab some of the Federal funding that’s pouring into the EV charging sector.
JP Morgan Chase Brings EV Website To Life-American Banker reports that a new website from global banker JP Morgan Chase has launched a website dedicated to electric vehicles as a spinoff from Chase Auto dubbed Electric Vehicle Education Center
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My Take-It’s a content marketing done very well. What Chase Auto is doing with a dedicated EV site is really all about building the pipeline to finance car deals using content as the lure to build a cadre of buyers for the brands they have financing deals with in place with, as well as other brands. They are accomplishing this by producing a very slick online resource that aggregates information and links to their party resources. I like it.
Motor Biscuit on Great USA Drives-Wondering which long trip in the USA to take your EV on? Look no farther as MotorBiscuit as a summary of a few to take and one not to.
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My Take-Having driven parts of Pacific Coast Highway and Natchez Trace Parkway I wasn’t surprised at all to see them included in the roundup of great drives. I liked their inclusion of details about how easy it will be to get a recharge. What i would have liked to have seen though would have been some lesser known routes across the USA.
The Invisible Hand of The UAW At Work-Jobs in the electric vehicle space will take people from existing car manufacturers and also lead to others being hired reports The Hill.
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My Take-If you think all news articles appear because reporters are digging for stories, think NOT. These days reporters are so overworked and media outlets are so understaffed that reporter rarely find stories. Instead, stories find reporters. This story is a classic “poisoning of the wells” approach to generating media coverage by a smart and savvy public affairs or public relations team.
Short Takes-Bloomberg reports that the USA has hit the electric vehicle tipping point….CarBuzz thinks that Toyota is playing the “long game” to be the leader in electric vehicles….BigThink says California based Aptera is ready to roll on its production line for a sub $26,000 solar powered car….Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, was spotted at Allen and Company’s annual Sun Valley dealmaker retreat, riding in a Rivian. It’s not that he’s endorsing it, but what Cook is signaling is that he’s a fan of electric vehicles and he needed to ride around in something that could also carry his security detail so why not be in a Rivian, the modern day version of the famed Chevrolet Suburban or the Cadillac Escalade, two vehicles known for hauling around the rich and famous….Maserati has unveiled its electric car. Named the Grecale Folgore, it’s due to debut in two years or so, but for right now it’s just a concept.