Who Is Andy Abramson

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AEHRA Global Chief Marketing Officer
With over four decades of marketing and communications experience, Andy Abramson is founder and CEO of Comunicano, the value creation communications agency based in Las Vegas, NV. Most recently, as Global Chief Marketing Officer, he established AEHRA's worldwide marketing and communications strategy, responsible for the brand's launch, image, and ongoing growth. Previously, as CMO, he guided two telecom companies to acquisition.
Born in the USA, Abramson entered the world of marketing, public relations, and events in 1974 at age 14, working for the Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse team, liaising with reporters, traveling with the team to report on the team's matches, and supporting game night operations. He then spent more than two decades working across numerous sports marketing roles with The Philadelphia Flyers, Denver Nuggets, and the Celebrity All-Star Hockey team. With The Flyers, he launched and developed one of professional sports' first fan development programs resulting in programs and an established fan base for the Flyers that continues today.
Following his time in corporate sponsorship development with the Nuggets, he managed client relationships and integrated marketing strategies with Foote, Cone, and Belding, before leading Sports Marketing & Public Relations for The Upper Deck Company in 1991. Abramson has founded numerous marketing agencies, including Comunicano, an integrated marketing agency started in 1993, which he continues to lead today as CEO. With Comunicano, Abramson has developed the highly successful "value creation communications" strategy, supporting 56 companies' acquisitions and generating over 6 billion dollars in returns to founders, executives, and investors. He recently served as the Virtual Chief Marketing Officer for SkySwitch and Fonative, two diverse telecommunications companies in the UCaaS and CPaaS sectors, overseeing each company's growth and development, leading to successful sales of both companies in 2020 and 2021, respectively.
Passionate about wine, Andy makes wine under the Comunicano Wine Company brand, and in 2021, Abramson co-founded wineTOURia, a next-generation, data-driven, wine experience and lifestyle marketing agency. With a deep understanding of building brand value, marketing communications, and customer desirability, Abramson is ideally placed to communicate AEHRA's mission to think, design, and produce innovative electric vehicles that can find a predominant place in the challenge of sustainable mobility.