Friday EV Watch

Hype. Dreams. Not reality. Too many concept cars are shown off by manufacturers that get the media and influencers all excited.

Friday EV Watch
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AutoFutures Looks At AEHRA

AutoFutures Tom Fogden has a rich first person interview with AEHRA’s CEO and Co-Founder, Hazim Nada.
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MY TAKE-As AEHRA’s Global Chief Marketing Officer I’m always happy when the media takes time to cover our early stage electric vehicle company. The article is accurate, on point and brings to light what AEHRA is all about.

Sun Shines on The New Mercedes EQXX EV

The Sun in the UK has some commentary on the new Mercedes-Benz EQXX and theorizes that it’s not really coming.
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MY TAKE-Hype. Dreams. Not reality. Too many concept cars are shown off by manufacturers that get the media and influencers all excited. What is exciting is the potential that’s being shown off. Longer battery life and greater mileage are two solutions to range anxiety, which is one of the biggest impediments to more rapid EV adoption.

Charging Stations Slow Down In UK

This is Money has a report and infographic describing the slowdown in deployment of electric vehicle charging stations across the UK.
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MY TAKE-Muy problema. Yes, it’s a big problem and the reason is that the UK is one of the more rapidly adopting nations for electric vehicles as EV sales represent nearly 15 percent of the new vehicles sold in 2021 according to EVAdoption’s report on the State of EV Adoption (The report is free if you sign up for the authors’ newsletter). What the slowdown means is a more communities see an uptick in EVs on the road, the need for charging points will increase. But the slowdown could also signal something else. The companies that supply power to them haven’t built up their infrastructure to get the type of power to the charging stations at the speed they will need them to keep the EVs powered up.

EV’s Dominate Sales in China

Sales of EVs in China has taken a 57 percent market share of sales worldwide according to a study by Canalys that was reported by ZDnet.
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MY TAKE-26 percent of the vehicles sold in China were EVs. This is explosive adoption with home grown BYD leading by a nose over TESLA. What’s more, SAIC and Geely combined represent another 15 percent of the EVs sold in Mainland China showing that at least 30 percent of the buyers are buying local.

Fleet Sales Companies Chasing EV Leasing

Reuters tells us that the fleet management companies that supply vehicles to many of the larger corporations are being asked to start to lease them EVs.
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MY TAKE-This is expected, especially as more companies move towards much needed environmentally responsible behavior (or at least give it lip service.) Let’s face it environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a big deal. Younger buyers think and investigate a company’s behavior in this area more than any other group to date, and its something we all need to pay attention to as all this plays into a company’s sustainability efforts.

Is it a Good Time To Buy An EV?

Urban Courtier has put together an interesting video about how to make a decision to buy or not to buy and EV.
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MY TAKE-The video is voice over by a text to speech engine and stock video and images that’s well done. The way the pros and cons are presented is very balanced to help people make decisions covering many of the decision making points needed to reach a decision.

Baby It’s Hot Outside

ZapMap has a series of tips for EV owners who are dealing with the heat wave that’s hitting many parts of the globe.
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MY TAKE-I love tips and tricks articles and content as they are very useful especially the one about moving the car into a shady spot. If you’ve ever had your iPhone overheat from sitting in the sun, you’ll know that it shuts down. Well, think of your EV as a giant iPhone and how the same type of effect could occur. Sure, EV batteries are insulated, but prolonged exposure to high temperatures and blazing sun are not a good combination that your EV battery system is going to enjoy.
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