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It's a ticking time bomb for gas stations and even oil change and muffler shop operators.

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All EV Rental Launches in San Francisco

Want to rent an EV to see what they are like? UFODrive, which is based in Europe, has arrived in San Francisco reports TechCrunch.
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MY TAKE- A bit different than what Scott Painter is doing with Autonomy which is more of a subscription lease model, UFODrive is looking to put you into a rental car for as short of a time as you need it.This is a great boon to those who want to rent an EV and decide if they are right for them. Also, given how there continues to be a shortage of rental cars from the majors, UFODrive may be accelerating at just the right time.

Turning Gasoline Staions into Charging Stations

Electrek has the insight on how good old fashioned gas stations can be modernized into EV charging stations.
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MY TAKE- It's a ticking time bomb for gas stations and even oil change and muffler shop operators. Services that won’tbe needed are presently in the locations where people go to get their vehicles serviced. They need to adapt to Electric Vehicles or face the consequences that come with resisting change.

Apple’s Aggressive Car Play

Yahoo News brings attention to the Robb Report’s revelation that Apple Car Play is much more than just an interface for connecting your iPhone and talking to Siri.
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MY TAKE- Apple is not about just one trick and never has been. They are creating an ecosystem for the concept of the connected car.

Short Takes

Elon Musk never misses an opportunity to dominate Twitter. He did it yesterday with a jab at rival Lucid…It was all about Lucid and their production numbers as Jalopnik reports…….Autoblog reports on the fastest charging electric cars….Technode tells us about the rising automakers in China who want a bigger slice of the pie…
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