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As prices for EVs rise and wait times get longer, some enterprising buyers are flipping their purchases, sometimes even before they take ownership

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Flip That Car

As prices for EVs rise and wait times get longer, some enterprising buyers are flipping their purchases, sometimes even before they take ownership reports InsideEEVs.
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MY TAKE-This is nothing new as the concept of flipping a purchase or selling something just slightly used has been around for a very long time. But with the demand for EVs, and how some people are skilled at putting in orders for cars they’ll never own, lazy buyers with cash to burn will turn to the secondary market. It’s happened for years in the concert ticket industry, so we’ll likely end up seeing.a StubHub of EVs for sale (if it doesn’t already exist) where the seller is offering the right to take over the purchase of the EV long before its even delivered.

Porsche Taycan Gets Better

Car and Driver reports on updates to the Taycan’s software stack. It includes a better infoentertainment system, and improvements to both charging speed and range. Bu there’s more.
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MY TAKE-Porsche is putting out these improvements because they can. Cars today are more about the software than the hardware, so as engineers learn more about the processors and components of the vehicles you’ll be seeing more updates that are all about improving performance, range, speed and charging.

Associated Press On EVs

When stories find their way onto the Associated Press newswire, they get massive readership. So a story about electric vehicles is a big, big deal. And the star of the story was the new Chevy Blazer EV.
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MY TAKE-Give the Chevy PR team credit. They got a BIG story. Not so much that the Blazer is an EV now, but by getting the Associated Press to pay attention means news of the EV will be read all across the USA in small towns and big cities due to the syndicated nature of the Associated Press.

Hack Your Car

As cars become computers on wheels, you can expect all kinds of hacking to occur. VICE has a long piece on the gray market of car hackers who focus on BMW, and it’s a very, very good read.
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MY TAKE-Gray market changes to a car’s hardware has been around forever. So too has changing the chips as well components that allow a car to go faster, or accelerate quicker. With automobiles becoming rolling computers, hacking the systems, working around software locks is going to become big business. For the companies mentioned, the media paying attention to them like VICE’s Motherboard article means more business for them.

Short Takes

Tesla has a new supercharger design in the works according to Electrek
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Volvo has a new, low priced EV that is in the news.Porsche will have a three row SUV in the future….In Thailand you can now rent an EV at the Intercontinental Hotel….The race for putting EV chargers in the home is clearly on, as Reuters reports….Axios has the details on a new brand from Volkswagen named Scout. It’s all about trying to win back market share in the USA.
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